DuraVent DuraTech 6DT-RRS 6″ Dia. Roof Radiation Shield


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DuraVent DuraTech 6DT-RRS 6″ Dia. Roof Radiation Shield

DuraVent DuraTech 6DT-RRS 6″ Dia. Roof Radiation Shield. Install where a chimney passes through a roof. May be required for Canadian zero-clearance fireplaces, refer to appliance manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Duratech is designed for appliances that are tested and listed for use with a 2100°F HT chimney system, such as wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal, or gas. Available in all stainless steel (5″-8″ SS) or with a galvalume (6″-8″ GA) outer casing and stainless steel inner wall with twist-lock connections.

DuraTech 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60” chimney pipe available with additional protective carton filler (CF) for shipping.

To calculate installed length of 5”, 6”, 7”, or 8” DuraTech Chimney, subtract 1 1⁄4” from each joint overlap of chimney pipe. Allow a minimum of 2” air space to combustibles when installing DuraTech Chimney

DuraTech: The optimum in safety and performance for an all-fuel chimney.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Wide variety of diameters available.
  • Twist-lock fittings. No locking bands or mechanical fasteners required
  • Available with stainless or galvalume outer walls.
  • 1” Refractory insulation encased between two walls keeps the outer wall cool, while ensuring high flue gas temperatures for optimum draft performance
  • Light weight Thermo Tech insulation makes pipe sections lighter
  • Has the smallest outside diameter available to allow easy placement between studs
  • Thickest inner wall construction in the industry providing the best protection from creosote fires.
  • 430 Stainless Steel Inner Wall
  • UL Listed

Also available:

6DT-LB Locking Band

6DT-XRS 6″ & 8″ Extended Roof Bracket

6DT-CS24R Square Ceiling Support Box – 24″ (Reduced Clearance)

6DT-CS36IS Square Ceiling Support Box 36″ with Attic Insulation Shield

6DT-IS Attic Insulation Shield

6DT-FRS Firestop Radiation Shield

6DT-AP17x21 Transition Anchor Plate 17″ x 21″

6DT-AP13x21 Transition Anchor Plate 13″ x 21″

6DT-AP17x17 Transition Anchor Plate 17″ x 17″

6DT-AP14x17 Transition Anchor Plate 14″ x 17″

6DT-FC Finishing Collar/w adapter

6DT-FCS Flat Ceiling Support Box

6DT-XWS 6″ & 8″ Extended Wall Support

6DT-XWS-SS 6″ & 8″ Extended Wall Support – SS

6DT-AWSX 6″ & 8″ DT Extended Adj Wall Strap

6DT-AWSX-SS 6″ & 8″ DT Extended Adj Wall Strap SS

6DT-TSB Adjustable Tee Support Bracket – GA

6DT-TSBSS Adjustable Tee Support Bracket – SS

6DT-STSS Standard Tee w/Cap SS

6DT-ST Standard Tee w/Cap GA

6DT-IWT Insulated Wall Thimble

6DT-WT Wall Thimble

6DT-RSTC12 Trim Collar for Roof Support 10/12 – 12/12

6DT-RSTC9 Trim Collar for Roof Support 7/12 – 9/12

6DT-RSTC6 Trim Collar for Roof Support 4/12 – 6/12

6DT-RSTC3 Trim Collar for Roof Support 0/12 – 3/12

Weight4 lbs


Duratech Install manual




M&G DuraVent, Inc. (“DuraVent”) provides this limited lifetime warranty for all of its products with the exception of Ventinox® (lifetime), and PolyPro® (ten years). Subject to the limitations set forth below, DuraVent warrants that its products will be free from defects in material or manufacturing, if properly installed, maintained and used. DuraVent products are fully warranted if installed only by a professional installer. See owners manual for full warranty.

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