DuraVent Duratech 6DT-06 6” Chimney Pipe Galvalume 6″ pipe length

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DuraVent Duratech 6DT-06 6” Chimney Pipe Galvalume 6″ pipe length


DuraVent Duratech 6DT-06 6” Chimney Pipe – Galvalume 6″ pipe length

With a Refractory insulation encased between dual walls, DuraTech offers the optimum in safety and performance. It keeps the outer wall of the chimney cool while ensuring high flue gas temperatures for optimum draft performance. The inner wall is 25% thicker than competitive chimneys for an extra margin of safety. No locking bands or mechanical fasteners required.

DuraTech’s sleek 1″ wall design provides for easy installations through 16″ on-center framing. For tight installations, a Reduced Clearance Square Ceiling Support Box is available (6″ diameter DuraTech only).

Designed for normal, continuous operation at 1000°F flue gas temperatures, DuraTech is subjected to rigorous and stringent high temperature requirements of the UL standard, including one hour at 1400°F, plus three ten-minute chimney fire test at 2100°F.

5”-8” DuraTech is a double-wall, all-fuel chimney system for use with wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal, or gas, and zero-clearance fireplaces that are factory-built.

Materials and Construction
5”-8” diameter pipe features inner wall of .020” 430 stainless steel. Outer wall options of .016” 430 stainless steel or .021” galvalume steel. A Refractory
insulation is encased between walls. Stainless steel end rings seal the pipe.

DuraTech features light weight insulation, twist-lock fittings, support boxes with factory installed starter sections, elbows with 360° swivel base, select black finish pipe lengths, five foot length pipe sections, and adjustable pipe lengths.

2” clearance to combustibles.

To calculate installed length of 5”, 6”, 7”, or 8” DuraTech Chimney, subtract 1 1⁄4” from each joint overlap of chimney pipe.

Additional information

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