Superior Secure Vent SV4.5HF5 Horizontal Firestop Spacer

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Superior Secure Vent SV4.5HF5 Horizontal Firestop Spacer for use with Secure Vent 4.5 / 7.5 Vent System

Also available:

SV4.5L12 12″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5L24 24″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5L36 36″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5L48 48″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5LA Adjustable Length Slip Section (2″ – 7.5″) – rigid

SV4.5E45 45 Degree Elbow

SV4.5E90 90 Degree Elbow

SV4.5F Roof Flashing – Flat

SV4.5FA Roof Flashing 1/12 – 7/12 Pitch

SV4.5FB Roof Flashing 7/12 – 12/12 Pitch

SV4.5HF5 Horizontal Spacer

SV4.5 VFS Vertical Firestop

SV4.5SP Support Plate

SV4.5SU Support Strap

SV4.5RSA Attic Insulation Radiation Shield

SV4.5HT-2 Horizontal Termination Kit

SV4.5TK90HT2 Horizontal Termination Kit HT2 Includes SV4.5 90 Elbow

SV4.5TK90SS Horizontal Termination Kit, Small Square, Includes SV4.5 90 Elbow

SV4.5GV-1 Vertical Termination, High Wind

SV4.5GV-SC Vertical Termination, with Storm Collar

SV4.5HRK36 Horizontal Riser Kit, 36″

SV4.5HRK14 Horizontal Riser Kit, 14″

SV4.5HTSS Horizontal Termination – Small Square

SV4.5-20SSWSK Small, Square Termination, 20″ w/Shield

Weight2 lbs


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