Superior Secure Vent SV4.5SU Support Strap



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Superior Secure Vent SV4.5SU Support Strap for use with Secure Vent SV4.5

With the installation of the straight vent sections in horizontal/inclined run install SV4.5SU support straps every 5 ft. (1.52 m) along horizontal/inclined vent runs using conventional plumber’s tape (Figure 24, Page 30). Maintain the horizontal/inclined run in a straight (no dips), slightly elevated plane. The recommended incline is approximately 1/4” per 1 ft (20 mm per 1 m) horizontal, in a direction away from the fireplace.

Also available:

SV4.5L6 6″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5L12 12″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5L24 24″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5L36 36″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5L48 48″ Rigid DV Vent

SV4.5LA Adjustable Length Slip Section (2″ – 7.5″) – rigid

SV4.5E45 45 Degree Elbow

SV4.5E90 90 Degree Elbow

SV4.5HF5 Horizontal Spacer

SV4.5 VFS Vertical Firestop

SV4.5SP Support Plate

Weight2 lbs


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