DuraVent 46DVA-WS 4” x 6 5⁄8” Wall Strap


Brand: Duravent

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DuraVent 46DVA-WS DirectVent Pro Wall Strap For 4” x 6 5⁄8” direct vent.

Creating stable vents for your vent installation is important if you want to minimize the stress that your piping is subject to. With this support strap, you can support pipes that are 4 inches in diameter, and create a more stable environment for your vents.

Use to support vent pipe. Provides 1” clearance. Recommended installing Wall Straps at 4-foot intervals on vertical runs.

Also available:

46DVA-06 6″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-08A 8-1/2″ Pipe Extension (galvanized) adds 3”- 7” of length

46DVA-09 9″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-12 12″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-16A 4X6 Diameter 16″ Pipe Extension (galvanized) adds 3”- 14 ½” of length

46DVA-17TA 11″- 14 5/8″ Adj. Pipe Length (galvanized)w/welded seam

46DVA-18 18″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-24 24″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-24TA 17″-24″ Adj. Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-36 36″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-48 48″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-60 60″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-E30 4X6 Diameter 30˚ Elbow (galvanized)

46DVA-E60 5″X 8″ Diameter 60˚ Elbow (galvanized)

46DVA-E45 45° Elbow (galvanized)

46DVA-E90 90° Elbow (galvanized)

46DVA-DC Round Ceiling Support/Wall Thimble Cover

46DVA-CS Cathedral Ceiling Support Box

46DVA-RS 4X6 Diameter Roof Support

46DVA-WT Wall Thimble

46DVA-WTS Wall Thimble – Reduced

46DVA-WTU Universal Wall Thimble

46DVA-WFS Wall Firestop

46DVA-VSS Vinyl Siding Standoff

46DVA-VSK Vinyl Siding Standoff Kit

46DVA-VSKS Vinyl Siding Standoff Kit – Reduced

46DVA-IS Attic Insulation Shield

46DVA-F6 Adjustable Roof Flashing 0/12 – 6/12

46DVA-FF Flat Roof Flashing

46DVA-F12 Steep Roof Flashing 7/12 – 12/12

46DVA-F6DS DSA Flashing 0/12 – 6/12

46DVA-F12DS DSA Flashing 7/12 – 12/12

46DVA-SNK14 Snorkel Termination Cap 14″

46DVA-SNK36 Snorkel Termination Cap 36″

Weight.5 lbs

Duravent Directvent Pro Manual

DirectVent Pro Venting System For Direct Vent

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