DuraVent 46DVA-F12 4” x 6 5⁄8” DirectVent Pro Steep Roof Flashing 7/12 – 12/12

SKU: 46DVA-F12,

Brand: Duravent


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DuraVent 46DVA-F12 DirectVent Pro Steep Roof Flashing 7/12 – 12/12 For 4” x 6 5⁄8” direct vent.

Use to weather proof the penetration of vent pipe through the roof.

Storm Collar required.

For roof pitches of 7⁄12 – 12⁄12.

Made of galvalume.

Made of galvalume.

Also available:

46DVA-06 6″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-08A 8-1/2″ Pipe Extension (galvanized) adds 3”- 7” of length

46DVA-09 9″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-12 12″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-16A 4X6 Diameter 16″ Pipe Extension (galvanized) adds 3”- 14 ½” of length

46DVA-17TA 11″- 14 5/8″ Adj. Pipe Length (galvanized)w/welded seam

46DVA-18 18″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-24 24″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-24TA 17″-24″ Adj. Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-36 36″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-48 48″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-60 60″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

46DVA-E30 4X6 Diameter 30˚ Elbow (galvanized)

46DVA-E60 5″X 8″ Diameter 60˚ Elbow (galvanized)

46DVA-E45 45° Elbow (galvanized)

46DVA-E90 90° Elbow (galvanized)

46DVA-DC Round Ceiling Support/Wall Thimble Cover

46DVA-CS Cathedral Ceiling Support Box

46DVA-RS 4X6 Diameter Roof Support

46DVA-WT Wall Thimble

46DVA-WTS Wall Thimble – Reduced

46DVA-WTU Universal Wall Thimble

46DVA-WFS Wall Firestop

46DVA-VSS Vinyl Siding Standoff

46DVA-VSK Vinyl Siding Standoff Kit

46DVA-VSKS Vinyl Siding Standoff Kit – Reduced

46DVA-IS Attic Insulation Shield

46DVA-F6 Adjustable Roof Flashing 0/12 – 6/12

46DVA-F6DS DSA Flashing 0/12 – 6/12

46DVA-FF Flat Roof Flashing

46DVA-F12DS DSA Flashing 7/12 – 12/12

46DVA-WS Wall Strap

46DVA-SNK14 Snorkel Termination Cap 14″

46DVA-SNK36 Snorkel Termination Cap 36″

Weight12 lbs


DirectVent Pro Venting System For Direct Vent

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