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Monessen Hearth

A Monessen Hearth vent free fireplace, gas log, stove or insert is the ideal solution to any situation. Beautiful, affordable, easy to install and economical to operate, our products add warmth and value to your home and peace of mind to you.

A Monessen Hearth vent free system can be installed on an interior wall or below grade structures where a vented system would be expensive, or impossible, to install. Look below to find a Monessen Hearth vent free system that fits your specific needs.

Simply stated, a Vent Free System is a complete fireplace—a firebox (the metal shell), burner (where the gas goes) and log set (the pretty part we all ooh and aah over), with no venting or ducting required.

Just drop it into a decorative cabinet, hook it to your gas line and in about two hours, voila! you have a fireplace. It can’t be that simple, you think. Surely there is a catch. Nope, no catch—it really is that simple. For a home with no existing fireplace but with a gas line (or the ability to add one), it really is that easy.


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