Monessen VFF32L 32″ Aria Vent Free Fireplace System

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Monessen VFF32L 32″ Aria Vent Free Fireplace System W/Choice of log set and control valve

The VFF32L Aria vent free gas fireplace is designed to add big, bold and beautiful flames to spaces requiring generous, efficient heat. A clean look lets the flames take center stage while complementing décor. Style reigns supreme as you select from a variety of options and accessories to fit your tastes. The VFF32 Aria warmly welcomes you home.

Expansive views gives a glimpse into the 37,000 BTUs that add comfort and ambiance to your home. With the freedom to install almost anywhere with a sleek finish, the VFF32L Aria is an amenity almost any room can afford.

There are 2 control options:

Millivolt Control

The millivolt control valve is a self-powered combination gas control THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE 110V AC TO OPERATE. A standing pilot generates a small electric charge that is used for a safe shutdown in the event of an interruption in the gas supply or flame out. Offering the convenience of wall switch or remote control in conjunction with a standing pilot provides a safe means of lighting the main burner.

Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI) Control

An IPI control with a standing pilot option provides the dual benefit of an economical and environmentally responsible product and one which lights easily even in the coldest climates. When in intermittent pilot mode (as it comes from the factory), your pilot remains unlit until needed, saving you fuel. Standing pilot mode, by comparison, is characterized by a continuously burning pilot. The benefit of a pilot which lights only when needed is fuel savings.


Simply stated, a Vent Free System is a complete fireplace—a firebox (the metal shell), burner (where the gas goes) and log set (the pretty part we all ooh and aah over), with no venting or ducting required. If your home does not already have an existing fireplace, a vent free fireplace is an economical way to add a fireplace to your home. Installed in either your wall or a free-standing cabinet, a vent free fireplace is simply the easiest way way to add a fireplace to your home.

This Vent Free Fireplace is fitted with a specially designed safety pilot light (ODS assembly) which senses the amount of oxygen available in the room and shuts the gas log heater off if the oxygen level begins to drop below a satisfactory level. The pilot can only be re-lit when adequate fresh air is available.

Quick Look:

  • Radiant face design with heat circulating air ducts for optional blower
  • No chimney or venting required makes installation fast, easy, and affordable
  • Deeper, clean design with expansive views
  • Contemporary Burner with Black Fireglass
  • 18″ flex line with on/off shut-off valve
  • Easy access control panel
  • CSA design certified
  • Available in 32″ or 36″ (VFF36) models
  • Up to 37,000 BTU’s
  • Available in millivolt or IPI control
  • 99.9% efficient maximizes your fuel dollars

NOTE: Vent Free Products are not approved in Canada and some States. Please check your local codes regarding vent free products.

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Weight135 lbs
Product Size (Width)



Aria/VFF 32

Appliance Width:37″
Appliance Height:34-1/2″
Appliance Depth1:18-5/8″
Framing Width:37-1/4″
Framing Height:35″
Framing Depth2:15-1/2″
Fuel Type:Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
BTU/hr Input:37,000 NG / 36,000 LP
Heating Capacity3:Up to 1,800 sq ft
Viewing Area:32 x 21-3/4″ (760 sq in)
Efficiency4:Up to 99.9%
Ignition System:Millivolt or IPI


MONESSEN VFF Vent Free System

Monessen Aria_VFF32_ArchGuide


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is the strongest and most comprehensive in the industry. It illustrates our commitment to producing the best and most reliable products available—and allows you to own your hearth appliance with confidence. Season after season, year after year.

Monessen will make available replacement parts for parts that are defective according to the following terms.
Logs – A free replacement will be made available at our factory for any logs if they fail due to deterioration within two (2) years of the verified purchase.
Steel Burner – A free replacement will be made available at our factory for the burner if it fails to deterioration within 10 years of the verified purchase date.
All Other Parts – A free replacement will be made available at our factory for any part that is defective within two (2) years of the verified purchase date.



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