Majestic DVP-WS Wall Firestop



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Majestic DVP-WS Wall Firestop for use with Majestic DVP pipe

Also available:

DVP-FS Ceiling firestop,

DVP4 4″ length,

DVP6 6″ length,

DVP6A 3 – 6″ slip section,

DVP12 12″ length,

DVP12A 3 – 12″ slip section,

DVP24 24” length,

DVP36 36″ length,

DVP48 48″ length,

DVP-TRAP1 Horizontal termination cap with short flue,

DVP-TRAP2 Horizontal termination cap with long flue,

DVP-TV Vertical termination cap,

DVP-TVHW Vertical termination cap – high wind,

Weight0.9 lbs


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