Empire Heating Systems RH50B B-Vent Visual Flame Room Heater 50,000 Btu


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Empire Heating Systems RH50B B-Vent Visual Flame Room Heater 50,000 Btu

Empire RH50B Vented Room Heaters are crafted for visual appeal and maximum efficiency. Room heaters make ideal replacements for traditional wood-burning or coal-burning heaters. Just like a wood stove, they use room air for combustion. Vent pipes connect the heater to a chimney or flue to carry the by-products of combustion outside.

Empire RH50B Vented Room Heaters are designed for quiet operation. The curved combustion chamber design minimizes noise while the burner ignites the gas im­me­di­ate­ly as it enters the burner port for added efficiency.

Heat large areas economically with Empire’s Vented Room Heaters. With their efficient heat flow, the durable RH50 and RH65 offer ample warmth to make any room comfortable. The one-piece glass enclosure on the RH50B and RH65B allows you to see the flame as it heats, while the optional ceramic logs add visual interest. The closed front on the RH50C and RH65C easily fits in any décor.

Radiant and convection heat circulates the warmth while the blower (optional on the RH50C and RH65C) places warm air at floor level to give “barefoot” comfort throughout the winter season. The hydraulic thermostat needs no outside electricity assuring reliable, round-the-clock comfort. Each unit can be installed near any wall with access to a conventional vent.

  • Built-in Hydraulic thermostat included.
  • Automatic Blower included on RH50B, RH50CB, RH65B and RH65CB
  • Optional Blower on RH50C and RH65C
  • Matchless Piezo Ignition

Ideal for large rooms, RH50 and RH65 console heaters add comfort and beauty to any décor.

Does not require electricity; operates in a power outage. Has a standing pilot.

Blowers installed for more even heat distribution.

Venting: 5″ B-Vent

RH50 (50,000 Btu)
RH65 (65,000 Btu)

Available in Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP)

Also available sold separately:

RHL2 Log Kit, fits RH50B, RH65B
RH425 Floor Pad 36 x 21, Fits RH50 (all); RH65(all)

Made in USA

Weight124 lbs


Input BTU/HR (KW/H)50,000 (14.6)65,000 (19)
Height29 9/16″ (751mm)29 9/16″ (751mm)
Width34” (864mm)34” (864mm)
Depth including diverter23 3/16” (589mm)27 11/16” (704mm)
Gas Inlet1/2″ (13mm)1/2″ (13mm)
Size Draft Diverter Collar5″ (102mm)5″ (102mm)
Floor to top of collar on vertical position of Draft Diverter27 5/32” (690mm)27 5/32” (690mm)
Floor to center of collar on horizontal position of Draft Diverter22 9/16” (573mm)22 9/16” (573mm)
Options for Above Furnaces
Ceramic LogRHL-2RHL-2
Floor PadRH425RH425


Empire Heating Systems RH-50 and RH-65 Owners Manual


Warranty Terms

Limited Ten-Year Parts Warranty – Combustion Chamber
Limited Five-Year Parts Warranty – All Other Components (Except Remote Controls and Thermostats)
Limited One-Year Parts Warranty – Remote Controls and Thermostats
Limited Two-Year Labor Warranty – All Components (Except Remote Controls and Thermostats)

Refer to your Owner’s Manual for complete installation, warranty, and safety information.


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