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Broilmaster DPA100 Stainless Steel Smoker Shutter

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Broilmaster DPA100 Stainless Steel Smoker Shutter

The stainless steel smoker shutter converts your Broilmaster grill to an indirect cooking system. This patented technology provides versatile cooking options allowing you to smoke, roast, slow cook, and bake.

Fits P3(all), D3(all), T3(all)

Using Your Smoker Shutter

The Smoker Shutter doubles the versatility of your Broilmaster Grill. Leave it open to operate as you would a conventional grill-for searing steaks, chops, and other foods that cook best with direct heat.

Closing the Smoker Shutter blocks the direct heat to turn your grill into an indirect cooker. This works best when slow-roasting chickens, whole roasts, and other meals where direct heat is not always desired. Drippings from the meat land on the hot shutter and are quickly burned off to generate smoke. (Once you close the shutter, don’t open it until most of the juices have dried, or you may dump drippings onto the flame and cause a flare-up.)

In effect, closing the Smoker Shutter provides the same cooking effect as a rotissserie.

Closing the Smoker Shutter also lets you bake pizzas and breads, covered dishes, and other meals that could be burned by the direct heat of the grill.

When Smoker Shutter is installed only the middle and high cooking levels can be used. To use lowest cooking level the Smoker Shutter needs to be removed.

Weight11 lbs


Broilmaster DPA100 Smoker-Shutter


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