Superior Secure Vent SFKIT48 48″ Flex Square Termination



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Superior Secure Vent SFKIT48 Horizontal Flex Square Termination with 48″ Compressed Flex Vent for use with Secure Vent SV4.5

This square termination kit can be used with either a top or rear vent installation. This kit includes an 48″ compressed flex vent, flex adapter, fire stop/spacer, 2 clamps (4.5 / 7.5) and square termination.

Also available:

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SFKIT18      Flex Square Termination with 18″ Compressed Flex Vent

SFKIT24      Flex Square Termination with 24″ Compressed Flex Vent

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SFVT30        Vertical Termination for Flex Vent- (Flat to 6/12)

SFVT45         Vertical Termination for Flex Vent- (6/12 to 12/12)

SF-12              12′ Compressed Flex Vent

SF-18              18′ Compressed Flex Vent

SF4.5HT-2     Horizontal Termination Kit

SF4.5HF5        Firestop Spacer, 5″, Flex

FVK36              Flex Connector Kit

SF4.5AdaptorKIT     SV4.5 to SF to SV Adaptor Kit

Weight24 lbs


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