Monessen IPIFKP2 Three step flame Remote Control kit for Propane gas IPI Systems

IPIFKP2 Three step flame control kit (includes stepper motor, wire and RMSC remote and receiver) for propane gas models, EcoLogic II


The ergonomic, slim design makes our remotes easy to use. Combined with the soft-touch finish, Ambient Technologies remotes enhance the comfort, luxury and convenience of any gas fireplace. Plus, our line of touch screen remote controls offers you the latest control technology in the palm of your hand.


We’ve designed our remotes to be consistent and dependable. To ensure product reliability, each remote features a radio frequency operating system. Radio frequency allows for multiple security codes which virtually eliminates interference from other home appliances such as televisions, DVR players and other devices. You can confidently control your fireplace from up to 30 feet away without interference from objects between you and the receiver.


Innovative technology, advanced engineering and a 20-step quality control program produce the finest remote controls available in the industry. Our remotes and accessories have been engineered for compatibility with ALL brands of gas fireplaces, logs, inserts and stoves in today’s market and are fully warranted for five years.

  •  On/Off control systems allow you to ignite and turn off your fire remotely.
  •  Includes stepper motor, wire and RMSC remote, and receiver for liquid propane models, EcoLogic II
  •  Safety features such as a child lockout mode and thermo shutdown also included
  • Childproof protection
  • Thermal-safety shutdown (transmitter)
  • 16 Security codes
  • Easy battery access
  • Low battery indicator
  • 30′ operating distance