Monessen Exacta-BUF36

Monessen BUF42 42″ Exacta Vent Free Firebox



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Monessen BUF42 42" EXACTA Vent Free Firebox.

Monessen BUF42 42" EXACTA Vent Free Firebox enjoy the fireplace you’ve always wanted, expansive views and all. Combined with a Monessen vent free log set (sold separately), the BUF42 Exacta firebox provides warmth and ambiance to practically anyone, anywhere. The BUF42 Exacta delivers maximum airflow, efficiently adding heat to your home, while the zero clearance design gives you flexibility, and helps save installation dollars.

Monessen offers one of the most diverse lineups of vent free gas fireboxes available, making it easy to find the right look for your home. With the addition of a Monessen vent free log set, you can enjoy beautiful flames, excellent, cost-efficient heating and a customized look, all without the hassle of extensive renovations or costly remodels.


A Monessen vent free firebox is the perfect way to display and operate your Monessen vent free log set. While our log sets can be utilized in an existing approved wood burning fireplaces (converted with a gas line), if your home does not already have an existing fireplace, a vent free firebox is an economical way to add a fireplace to your home. Installed in either your wall or a free-standing cabinet, a vent free firebox is simply the metal combustion chamber of a traditional fireplace system, without the log set and engine. You then add the vent free log set (with engine) of your choice to complete it.

By contrast, a vent free fireplace system includes the firebox, log set and engine as a package. It too can be installed either in a wall or a free-standing cabinet.

In either situation, since no venting is required, installation is faster and easier than with a traditional vented system.


Monessen offers a wide selection of Vent Free Log Sets (sold separately) that are a perfect complement to your new firebox. Ask your dealer for more information on choosing the right size and style for your space.

  • No chimney or venting required makes installation fast, easy, and affordable
  • Clean, louver-less design
  • Tuck the screen into hideaway pockets to reveal expansive views
  • Black interior provides elegant background for vent free log set
  • Brick interior available for a traditional look
  • Large hearth area allows for a variety of log sets
  • Angled firebox and uniquely engineered air channels move more heat into the room, maximizing efficiency
  • Available in 36" or 42" models

NOTE: Vent Free Products are not approved in Canada and some States. Please check your local codes regarding vent free products.

Weight75 lbs


Exacta BUF 42

Appliance Width:48″
Appliance Height:37-1/4″
Appliance Depth1:23″
Hearth Front Width:41-1/4″
Hearth Front Height:21-3/4″
Hearth Depth:18-5/8″
Hearth Rear Width:30-1/4″
Hearth Rear Height:20-3/8″
Viewing Area:42 x 24″




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