Majestic SLP-TRAPK1 Top vent horizontal term kit #1



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Majestic SLP-TRAPK1 Top vent horizontal term kit #1 for use with Majestic SLP pipe

Use this multi-purpose cap to finish off any Direct Vent gas fireplace or stove.

Includes SLP-TRAP1, slip section adjustable 3-1/8″ – 4-5/8″ (79-117mm), wall shield and SLP90 90 Degree Elbow.

Unit has a 4″ inner pipe and 6 5/8″ outer pipe.

Also available:

SLP-TRAP1 Horizontal trapezoid termination short flue 3-1/8 -4-3/4″ (79-121mm), includes SLP-WS

SLP-TRAP2 Horizontal trapezoid termination Kit 5-1/4 – 9-1/4″ (133-235mm) wall thickness

SLP-TRAPK2 Top vent horizontal term kit #2 (includes SLP-TRAP2, slip section, wall shield, SLP90)

SLP-HHW2 Horizontal high wind trapezoid termination (includes 1 – SLP-WS)

SLP-TB1 Horizontal snorkel cap for basement applications

SLK-SNKD SL snorkel cap, adds 14″ vertical rise (includes firestop)

SLP6A 2″ – 6″ (51 – 152mm) slip section

SLP4 4″ (102mm) pipe length

SLP6 6″ (152mm) pipe length

SLP12A 2″ – 12″ (51 – 305mm) slip section

SLP12 12″ (305mm) pipe length

DVP-2SL DVP to SLP adapter converts 8 inches to 6-5/8

SLP24 24″ (610mm) pipe length

SLP36 36″ (914mm) pipe length

SL-2DVP SLP to DVP adapter

SLP48 48″ (1219mm) pipe length

Weight15 lbs


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