Majestic HEAT-ZONE-GAS Heat Distribution Kit



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Majestic HEAT-ZONE-GAS Heat Distribution Kit

The Heat-Zone-Gas accessory kit conveys warm air from the fireplace through air duct(s) to remote locations in the same room or other rooms of the building. One or two Heat-Zone-Gas kits can be installed on the fireplace.

The flexible duct in this Heat-Zone-Gas air duct kit is manufactured and marked to the requirements of UL-181, Class I air duct.

HZLIN-ADP Heat Zone adaptor, must order for using HEAT-ZONE-GAS

Kit includes

6 in. Insulated Round Duct20 feet
Fan Housing Assembly1
Junction Box1
Variable Wall Rheostat1
Air Register Cover with Screws1
Register Adaptor Frame-Thick1
Fireplace Duct Collar1
Duct Adaptor (Round to Oval)1
Drywall Template1

For use with the Majestic fireplaces such as the Echelon II 36, Echelon II 48, Echelon II 60, Echelon II 72

Weight20 lbs


Majestic HEAT-ZONE-GAS Installation Manual


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