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Empire Heating Systems DV25 Direct Vent Wall Furnace 25,000 Btu


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Empire Heating Systems DV25 Direct Vent Wall Furnace 25,000 Btu

Clean and cost-efficient comfort make the DV25 and DV35 the perfect heaters to heat larger areas economically. Delivering ample, room-filling warmth, each furnace is stylishly crafted and fits against an outside wall. Includes thermostat for automatic temperature control.

Direct Vent systems mount along an outside wall and have a vent within-a-vent system to draw in outdoor air to support combustion and exhaust flue products to the outdoors. The vent cap usually installs on the outside wall of the home.

Because they do not draw your already-heated room air to support combustion, Direct Vent systems are among the most efficient of the vented heaters. Direct Vent systems may be installed as the primary heating system

Ideal for larger areas, DV25 and DV35 wall furnaces add comfort and beauty to any decor.

Does not require electricity; operates in a power outage.

Optional automatic blowers (DRB1) install easily for more even heat distribution.

Optional DVP1 Floor Pad, 36 x 14 inches

Venting Included: 6″ (152mm) diameter air inlet tube and 4″ (102mm) diameter flue outlet tube

DV25 (25,000 Btu)
DV35 (35,000 Btu)

Available in Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP)

Made in USA

Weight93 lbs


Input BTU/HR (KW/H)25,000 (7.3)35,000 (10.3)
Height28″ (711mm)28″ (711mm)
Width37″ (940mm)37″ (940mm)
Depth11 1/2″ (292mm)11 1/2″ (292mm)
Gas Inlet1/2″ (13mm)1/2″ (13mm)
Options for Above Furnaces
Vinyl Siding Vent KitDV-822DV-822
Vinyl Siding Vent KitVSK-2VSK-2


DV25 & DV35 Wall Furnace manual


Warranty Terms

Limited Ten-Year Parts Warranty – Combustion Chamber
Limited Five-Year Parts Warranty – All Other Components (Except Remote Controls and Thermostats)
Limited One-Year Parts Warranty – Remote Controls and Thermostats
Limited Two-Year Labor Warranty – All Components (Except Remote Controls and Thermostats)

Refer to your Owner’s Manual for complete installation, warranty, and safety information.


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