Empire FRBTP Remote Control Receiver and Remote Programmable Thermostat

This FRBTP remote control system was developed to provide a safe, reliable, and user-friendly remote control system for gas heating appliance. The system can be operated thermostatically or manually from the transmitter. The system operates on radio frequencies (RF) within a 20 feet range using non-directional signals. The system operates one of 1,048,576 security codes that are programmed into the transmitter at the factory;

The transmitter operates on a 2 AAA-size 1.5V batteries (included) and the remote receiver operates on 4 AA-size 1.5 ALKALINE batteries.

The remote receiver has a 3-position slide switch for selecting the MODE of operation: ON/REMOTE/OFF. The remote receiver can be either wall-mounted in a standard plastic switch box or placed on or near the fireplace hearth. Works with either a Millivolt (MV) or Electronic ignition (IP) valve.


  • ON indicates the system is on, either manually, timed, thermostatically, or program
  • THERMO indicates the system will automatically cycle ON/OFF, depending on programmed set temperature.
  • OFF indicates the entire system is turned off.
  • Countdown timer
  • PROGRAM indicates the system will automatically cycle ON/OFF in the programmed mode depending on the 7 day/4 period program that is in memory.

This kit includes: Transmitter and remote receiver