Empire DVG1ABL Arch Style Louvers, Matte Black, fits the Tahoe DVD32FP

These louvers feature a Arch-style design and are the perfect accent to your 32″ Tahoe Deluxe or Premium Direct Vent fireplace.

Add a set of Mission style doors to complete the look. (DVDB1MBL Mission Rectangle Door Set, DVRB1MBL Mission Arch Door Set)

Or add a set of Rectangular Doors (DVDB1CBL Rectangle Door Set) or Arch Doors (DVRB1CBL Arch Door Set)

Mission Louvers for the 32″ Tahoe Deluxe or Premium Fireplace are available in Matte Black and Hammered Pewter.

Included as a set is an upper and lower louver.

This item is Matte Black but the image shown is Hammered pewter.