Empire VFRL18 18″ Loft Series Contemporary Vent-Free/Vented Burner with choice of valve

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Empire 18″ Loft Series Contemporary Vent-Free/Vented Burner with choice of valve

The Loft Series 18″ Contemporary Burner installs in any certified vent-free firebox or wood-burning fireplace to help complete your artistic statement. It operates as a vent-free system for heating or can be installed in a vented fireplace to provide the ambiance of a fire but without the heat.

When a traditional fireplace would seem out of place, the Loft Series of contemporary burners complement the unique décor you worked so hard to achieve.

Available in LP and Natural Gas models in 18-inch (10,000 or 26,000 Btu), 24-inch (36,000 Btu), and 30-inch (40,000 Btu), there’s a Loft Series Burner sized perfectly for your fireplace.

Choose an on/off, remote-ready Millivolt system with a manual Piezo Ignition. Or, opt for the Intermittent Pilot system with its thermostat remote control that varies flame height for up to 30-percent turndown. This unique system delivers just the right amount of heat to maintain a comfortable temperature. An override feature lets you operate the burner manually.

Your Loft Series Burner arrives finished in lustrous matte black. Decorative accessory tops are available in polished black and brushed stainless steel – install in minutes to instantly change the look and character of your fireplace.

Empire also offers 9 styles of decorative glass and 2 styles of decorative stones to conceal the burner and create the illusion of flame floating above a reflective field. All of the glass starts as tempered panes that are shattered, screened for the proper particle size, and tumbled to minimize sharp edges.

VFRL1810 A unique 18-inch (10,000 Btu) Millivolt Loft burner provides heat and ambience for bedroom fireplaces. Check your local codes for applicable restrictions.

The VFIL18 series intermittent pilot heaters include a thermostatic remote control transmitter and receiver. The intermittent pilot light is an electric system, designed to combat some of the biggest flaws of the standing pilot. Rather than keep a flame burning all the time, the intermittent pilot only lights when needed. The system responds to the command for heat by using an electric spark to ignite the flame

The VFRL18 Millivolt with On/Off Switch controlled heater may be operated with optional devices for REMOTE/OFF/ON functions. (Sold separately) The Milivolt and the IPI systems can both turn the pilot flame on and off with the flip of a wall switch or a remote. The difference between the IPI compared to the Milivolt system is that a Milivolt has a pilot light that stays on 24/7. The IPI system does not use a pilot light and instead relies on an electronic ignition switch to light the pilot after flipping on the wall switch or using the remote.


  • Gas burner assembly.
  • Two masonry anchoring screws, two 10 x 1/2″ black sheet metal anchoring screws and damper clamp.

A Vent-Free Burner may be installed in a vented fireplace (with the flue damper blocked open) for use as a decorative appliance. A decorative appliance operates with an on/off switch or remote, and may not operate with a thermostat. See owner’s manual for complete instructions.

Please check local or state codes to determine if Vent Free Heaters are permitted in your area before you purchase or install these log Sets as a Vent Free Appliance. If not permitted, you may install and operate these log sets as a Vented appliance. 

Decorative Media to cover Burners (SOLD SEPRATELY)
18-in Requires (1.75 sq. ft.)
24-in Requires (2 sq. ft.)
30-in Requires (2.5 sq. ft.)
Additional media may be used to cover fireplace floor

Also available sold separately:

Polished Black Decorative Top

Stainless Steel Decorative Top

Black Polished Crushed Glass approx. 1 sq. ft.

Blue Clear Crushed Glass approx. 1 sq. ft.

Clear Frost Crushed Glass approx. 1 sq. ft.

Copper Reflective Crushed Glass approx. 1 sq. ft.

Bronze Reflective Crushed Glass approx. 1 sq. ft.

Onyx Solid Drops 1-in., approx. 1 sq. ft.

Glacier Ice Droplets, 1/2-in., approx. 1 sq. ft.

Decorative Rocks Assortment approx. 1 sq. ft.

Decorative Pebble Assortment approx. 1 sq. ft.

AC/DC Adaptor for IP 

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Minimum Fireplace Dimensions:  28″ Front opening  x 17″ Height  x 13″ Depth x 21″ Rear Wall


Empire VFRL18243010NP-1-Loft-Burner install manual


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