DuraVent 58DVA-60B 5″ X 8″ DirectVent Pro 60″ Pipe Length (black)

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Brand: Duravent

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DuraVent 58DVA-60B DirectVent Pro 60″ Pipe Length (black)

The DuraVent 58DVA-60B 5″ X 8″  60″ Pipe Length (black) is designed for appliances tested and listed for direct vent.

Features a fully unitized twist-lock construction in both 4” x 6 5/8” and 5” x 8” vent sizes.

Use of sealant is optional, unless specified by the appliance manufacturer.

To calculate install length, subtract 1 1/2″” for each joint.

No beads or hems. Black pipe lengths feature exterior laser-welded seams.

Also available:

58DVA-06B 6″ Pipe Length (black)

58DVA-09B 9″ Pipe Length (black)

58DVA-12B 12″ Pipe Length (black)

58DVA-18B 18″ Pipe Length (black)

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58DVA-60 60″ Pipe Length (galvanized)

58DVA-08AB 8-1/2″ Pipe Extension (black)

58DVA-16AB 16″ Pipe Extension (black)

58DVA-17TAB 17″ – 24″ Adjustable Pipe (black)

58DVA-E45B 45° Elbow (black)

58DVA-E90B 90° Elbow (black)

58DVA-WT Wall Thimble

58DVA-WFS Wall Firestop

58DVA-FS Ceiling Firestop

58DVA-HRCS Round Horizontal Termination Cap

58DVA-HC Square Horizontal Termination Cap (aluminum)

58DVA-VCH High-Wind Vertical Termination Cap

58DVA-VC Low-Profile Vertical Termination Cap (aluminum)

58DVA-VC-S Low-Profile Vertical Termination Cap (SS)

58DVA-VCE Extended Vertical Termination Cap

58DVA-SC Storm Collar

58DVA-SNK14 Snorkel Termination Cap 14″

58DVA-SNK36 Snorkel Termination Cap 36″

Weight18 lbs

Duravent Directvent Pro Manual

DirectVent Pro Venting System For Direct Vent

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