Direct Vent Linear Fireplaces

Direct Vent Linear fireplaces remove 100% of combustion exhaust and odors from your space. A Direct-Vent system uses two vent pipes. One draws air in from outdoors to support combustion. The other exhausts the by-products of combustion to the outside. These sealed fireplaces provide optimal heat, conserve energy and ensure clean indoor air quality.

With Linear Gas Fireplaces you can choose a single sided unit or maximize your viewing pleasure with a see thru model.  You can customize your fireplace with our selection of designer surrounds. Choose a different surround for either side of the See -Thru units to match or enhance your current decor.

Take advantage of simple installation framing and easily install your televisions, sound bars or artwork above the fireplace to truly customize your home decor thanks to the drastically reduced temperatures above the fireplace.


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