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Founder Russell Reyher of Kingsman Fireplace made his first stove – a wood burning model, in 1976. It was sold under one of the best known and respected names in the industry at that time. In 1983 he pioneered a new line of gas fireplaces and freestanding stoves.  It turned out to be an idea that was so ahead of its time, it was refused entry to the Hearth Products Association national show because gas appliances were not allowed entry.  Who would have forecasted then that gas was to become the most popular of all fuel sources throughout the industry.

The Kingsman Fireplace line consists of fireplaces, inserts and free standing stoves. All are available in both natural gas and liquid propane models. Each is sold with its own set of styling options as well as other customer choices such as chimney/vent systems.

Every shipment leaving the factory has been assembled and packaged to assure all of the right parts arrive together for complete fulfillment. Considering the complexity of the product line and the breadth of choices offered with each model that requires unwavering attention to detail every aspect of every gas appliance is in constant review for better performance, appearance and value. Every product is fully certified for all regulatory jurisdictions in Canada and the United States.


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